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Stadium Rules

Stadium Rules

In accordance with article 2 of Law 48 (I) / 2008, CLOSED-CIRCUIT TELEVISION (CCTV) is installed on all stands and premises of the stadium.

Any visitor who carries a prohibited item from the list below to the football ground, during a match or any other event, will be guilty of misconduct and if convicted will be subject to a fine not exceeding one thousand euro.

1. Bottles, cans, glass/metal cups or any other hard containers.
2. Stones, gravel, tiles, pieces of wood or any other dangerous/hazardous object.
3. Smoke canisters, and any kind of explosive devices
4. Fireworks, torches, firecrackers, flares.
5. Loggers, gas canisters, flammable materials or materials used for fire ignition.
6. Knives, pocketknives, scissors or any other shard objects or offensive weapons.
7. Tools.
8. Laser devices.
9. Banners, posters, placards or any other signs that carry offensive, discriminatory or abusive messaging, that have provocative or political symbols or inappropriate slogans.
10. Illegal substances.
11. Alcoholic drinks or intoxicating liquor.
12. Any other object which may be considered dangerous, or may be used as an offensive weapon or might compromise public safety.

In all the pitches and premises of the stadium it works CLOSED -CIRCUIT TELEVISION in accordance with article 2 of Law 48 (i) / 2008.

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