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Livadia is a municipality of Larnaka that is built in the north of the city at an altitude of about fifteen metres.

The name of the Municipality of Livadia came from the territory of the area that is a grassland, that is a part of a flat with running waters and abundant grass vegetation for grazing. It should be noted that the word "Livadi" (meaning meadow) has its roots in the ancient Greek word as "limon".

Apart from the Municipality of Livadia in Larnaka, there are five other settlements in Cyprus, bearing this name. It is the village of Livadia near Polystylos Pitsilia, Livadia of Karpasia near Komi Kepir, a small settlement in the area of ​​Chrysochous and a newer settlement named Neo Livadi Morphou.

Within a short distance from the Community of today's Livadia, there was a settlement called "Tridato", which today does not exist.
After the dissolution of the settlement, the remaining inhabitants of Tridatos, moved to the area that today (2018) the village is built. They began to build their village there and gradually evolved it into today's Municipality that we know.

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