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Ormideia or Ormidia belongs to the complex of Kokkinohoria and is a village in the province of Larnaka. It has a population of about 5000 inhabitants. It borders with Xylotymbou, Achna, Xylofagou, Avgorou and Dhekelia, where the British Bases are located.

Ormidia was named after the bays on its beach. The village is located in a valley.

The church of Agios Konstantinos Alamanos is located in the center of the village. There were two small churches of Agioi Anargyri Kosmas and Damianos. In 1901 an existing church was built in place. There was also a chapel where St. Constantine the Alaman lived. There, there was also holy water. Saints Konstantinos Alamanos Kosmas and Damianos celebrate on July 1st.

At the exit of the village to Achna you will also find the Holy Cave of St. Constantine of Alamanos in which the Saint lived, practiced and testified. In addition to the churches in the village, you will see the monument of fallen men dominating majestic and magnificent. Northwest of the center of Ormidia at the site called "Vathy River" there is a medieval settlement. Around the chapel of Agios Georgios of Agona in the northeast of the village there is also a Byzantine-medieval settlement. In this settlement the large stone of the olive mill, near the chapel, is still preserved.

The 1st Primary School of Ormidia is situated on a hill and was built in 1935, while the 2nd Primary is also built on a hill, but it is more recent, it was built in 1991.

Each September in the community of Ormidia is organized the pomegranate festival which includes dance, singing, jazz and, of course, many pomegranates and their various derivatives.

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