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Xylofagou or Xylophagou is one of the so-called Kokkinochoria and it is a village of the Larnaka province. Xylophagou is about three miles from Cape Pyla, on a low plateau. In its current location, it is over 200 years old, while the inhabitants of the village are now over 7000.

In the old days, the inhabitants of Xylofagou were shepherds. The vast pastures, the rocky uncultivated land, the forest of the then region and the water that existed at that time in the wells, favoured growth. Today, residents are engaged in various projects with many of them working in the tourist region of Protaras and Ayia Napa.

In the village of Xylophagou there are the caves, of which the most impressive is the cave of "Eglezou" and the cave of "Agioi Saranda", which took its name from the Holy Saranda Martyrs, the frozen lake of Sebasteia. The submarine cave "Mavros Spilios". In addition, the village has a tower Pýrgos tis Xylofágou with a breathtaking, panoramic and magnificent view.

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