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The community of Alaminos is found at about 28 kilometres from the city of Larnaca, between the villages Agios Theodoros, Kofinou, Anafotia, and Mazotos. It has an average altitude of 75 meters and receives an average annual rainfall of about 400 millimetres. Chiefly fruits and vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, and artichokes) are cultivated in the village's tracts. The village went through a steady increase of population until 1960. In 1881 its inhabitants numbered 243, increasing to 313 in 1911, to 340 in 1931, and to 564 in 1960. The community's Turkish-Cypriot inhabitants numbered 251 in 1960. After the 1974 Turkish invasion, the community's Turkish-Cypriot inhabitants abandoned the village and settled in the occupied part of the island; several refugees from the occupied territories settled in the village. Today the inhabitants run into 300 -among them 40 refugees. In recent years neither decrease of the population nor the urban pull phenomenon were observed due to the granting of large tracts of land to new families for settling in the community.

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