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Located in the Larnaka (Larnaca) region, on the west bank of the Vasilikos River, the village of Kalavasos is famous for its Neolithic settlement and archaeological site of Tenta. The village is 40 km south west of Larnaka and can be reached by following the A5 and A1 and the E106 route.

The area has retained its original name during its centuries of continual inhabitation; It is believed that Kalavasos comes from the Ancient Greek word ‘vassa’, meaning woody valley, indicative of its lush landscapes. The vegetation of the area includes pine trees, oleasters, prickly broom, rockrose and thyme, and it is a producer of citrus fruit, olives and carobs, amongst other crops – which are irrigated by a dam.

Other interesting sights include the village church of Panagia Titiotissa, located in the centre of the village. Dating back in 1878, the church took its name due to the ‘Tetios’ - torrent. There is a significant two-sided icon from the 16th century on the iconostasis, which depicts the Virgin Mary on the front side, and the Crucifixion on the back.

The beautiful and tranquil environs of the village, make it a perfect destination for agrotourism.

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