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The village of Agia Anna is a small village of the Larnaka province, surrounded by low mountains built in the valley of the river Tremithos. Agia Anna is 16 kilometres west of Larnaka.

There are various versions of how the village got its name. According to a first version, the name came from Agia Anna, the mother of the Virgin Mary, who according to a tradition was seen by the villagers drinking water in one of the village's springs.

A second version reports that near Stavrovouni there was a village, the village of the Holy Cross. In this village there was a monastery dedicated to St. Anna. In this monastery, as mentioned, the palm of the Saint was kept. Later this village was lost and its place was taken to another nearby village, Agia Anna. Finally, a third version reports that a shepherd as he prayed envisioned St. Anna, who asked him to build a church and name the village Agia Anna.

The inhabitants of the village are mainly engaged in agriculture and livestock farming. There are several builders, workers, while some are electricians, etc. Some residence go to work in parts of Nicosia and Larnaka.

The main characteristic of the village is the three small squares that dominate it, with the most basic one located in the square where only the Turkish Cypriots lived. There is the school where the children of the Turkish Cypriots attended.

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